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Aeration, Seeding & Mulch

Aeration or so-called core aeration is a process of removing small cores of soil and grass to allow air, water and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn. Lawn aeration helps improve density and aids in the removal of thatch. Rejuvenate your lawn by overseeding. Overseeding with special pest resistant grass varieties can restore lawns thinned and weakened from a hot summer or drought. Hydroseeding is a planting process that utilizes a mixture of seed, fertilizer, water and mulch, which are blended together and then sprayed overtop a prepared area of your lawn. Hydro seeding is useful in seeding bluffs, steep scopes, ditch lines, berms, swale routes, and wide open areas susceptible to wind erosion. Mulch Installation includes earth edging along the garden areas that meet the lawn, cultivating the existing mulch by turning it over so that it turns into soil, debris removal and clean up. This will ensure proper drainage and soil condition.

Take care of your lawn

Simple mowing and trimming is not all it takes to keep most lawns thriving and looking beautiful. Especially in Kansas weather. Maintain a healthy and green lawn with aeration and seeding and set highlights with quality mulch.

 Mill Lawn Service offers lawn service, landscaping and more in Overland Park, Blue Springs, Leawood, Lees Summit, Lenexa, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, Shawnee and Stilwell.

Mill Lawn Service keeps your lawn or field looking great. As a full service landscape company, we care for the entire life cycle of your projects. Our high-quality grading services ensure that your lawn and landscaping are built on sound and level foundations which will last and look good for years to come. Proper grading will help the overall layout and general maintenance of your property.

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